Summer Living

Neighbors, Not Crowds

The sun rises over the mountains, and you are once again in awe of how nature nourishes your soul and gives you energy for the day. Your morning coffee is overwhelmed by the smell of pine trees. A gentle rustle of aspen trees interrupts the stillness of morning. This is home at Aspen Crest after the snow has melted, and this is when you ask yourself, "Why would I even think about staying inside today?"

  • Minutes away is the 275-mile long Paiute ATV Trail, a breathtaking loop through dense forests and panoramic scenery. 
  • Seek out rainbows, brooks, tigers and cutthroats among the thousands of streams, rivers, and lakes fed by pure mountain water.
  • Short leisurely strolls and challenging alpine summits are steps outside your home.
  • The trails of Eagle Point Resort and hundreds of miles of single track range from mild to extreme; both families and experts will be thrilled.
  • Dozens of bodies of water—big and small—provide endless enjoyment for both trained kayakers and casual canoe paddlers.
  • Championship golf courses, world-renowned National Parks and the historic city of Beaver, Utah are just some of the nearby attractions you will find along the valley floor.

Summer in Aspen Crest